Mestalla Stadium, Valencia

“Lena Arena” Düsseldorf

This mobile stadium was built to serve as the homeground for the last three matches of german second division Club Fortuna Düsseldorf. Its construction was took only eight weeks and was necessary because the regular stadium was needed for the Eurovision Song Contest. The Public named it “Lena Arena” after the first name of the german Contestant. The Panorama was taken at Fortunas last match in the Arena against Alemannia Aachen in front of a sellout crowd.

Burgplatz Düsseldorf

The Burgplatz (place of the castle) is a central place in the old town of Duesseldorf. The main landmarks are the steeple of Lambertus church and the remaining tower of the old castle on the north end. The Square opens to the Rhein river in the West and grants views of the urban quarter Oberkassel on the other side. two bridges cross the river: Rheinknie bridge in the south and Oberkasseler bridge in the north.