Mestalla Stadium, Valencia

“Lena Arena” Düsseldorf

This mobile stadium was built to serve as the homeground for the last three matches of german second division Club Fortuna Düsseldorf. Its construction was took only eight weeks and was necessary because the regular stadium was needed for the Eurovision Song Contest. The Public named it “Lena Arena” after the first name of the german Contestant. The Panorama was taken at Fortunas last match in the Arena against Alemannia Aachen in front of a sellout crowd.

Mascarat Canyon

“El Barranco del Mascarat” is a short deep canyon that cuts through the Sierra Bernia mountain range in north-south direction. It is spanned by three bridges (from S to N): the old national road built in the 19th century, the actual national road N-322 and the railroad bridge. It can be approached from the south and hiked up about 1 km, getting narrower and narrower until further passage is blocked. The name “Mascarat” derives from a gang of robbers led by a masked man that used to roam the area. A bit of a spooky place, especially when one encounters the half-rotten cadaver of a dead dog…